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PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Cub Scouts, Advancing Cubs and parents.

EQUIPMENT: Stage Pioneer costumes (optional), awards.

CUBMASTER: American pioneers have been men and women with curious minds strong purpose, courage, determination, persistence, and a proud, fierce, unswerving loyalty. Through every hardship they have refused to give up.

Our theme, Wild West, is the history of some of the heroes and pioneers of our country. Our purpose is to remind ourselves how our country grew out of wilderness into what it is today Let's quickly take a look at some of the men who helped build it.

Miles Standish came with the pilgrims seeking religious freedom and learned to live with the Indians. After the first years harvest, they celebrated the first Thanksgiving together. Other great men followed: Patrick Henry who said "Give me liberty or give me death". Daniel Boone opened up the trail to the trail West through the Cumberland gap. Thomas Edison invented the electric light. Alexander Graham Bell gave us the telephone. As we entered the 20th century Henry Ford produced a successful automobile, Orvill and Wilbur Wright launched our first airplane. All great pioneers of their day.

For you Cub Scouts, the United States is still a land of expanding opportunity. Tonight we have cubs who have had the determination, persistence, and loyalty to follow the Cub Scout trail and complete the achievements for their badges.

Will these Cubs and their parents please come forward? These Cubs have earned their Wolf Badge and/or Arrow Points. (present badges, handshake with Cubs and parents).

The following Cubs have completed the achievements for their Bear Badge and/or Arrow Points. Will These Cubs and their parents please come forward (present badges).

Now we have Webelos, with strong purpose and curious minds who have completed the requirements for their Activity Pins. Will these Cubs and their parents please come forward? (present badges). Now, will the Pack please stand with me and salute these fine Cub Scouts who have had the courage and loyalty of the pioneers of your past years to advance.

Cubs Scouts HAND SALUTE...(pause) TO. Congratulations! (Cubs and parents dismissed from stage.)