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PROPS: Black witches cauldron or facsimile. Badges with names attached are placed in the cauldron before the meeting opens. A lid should be used or keep the kettle out of sight until it is to be used. SCENE: At awards time, announce that you will brew up something in the cauldron, but you will need the help of the new Bobcats in the Pack. Depending on the number to receive the award ( five or seven is perfect) you call one at a time forward. They tell you the ingredients that go into making a Bobcat, (motto, salute, handshake, promise, law, meaning of Webelos) and demonstrate each one by doing or saying. Pretend to "put" each thing into the cauldron, then stir and draw out a Bobcat Badge. Call that Cub's parents forward and pin the badge on up side down.

For Wolf Badge, add each ingredient to kettle telling what it is based on, the twelve Wolf achievements. i.e.; band‑aid for keeping health, string for tying things. stamp for collections, small screwdriver for tools,etc. If difficult to use object, print achievement on cardboard and put in. Then stir and draw out the Wolf Badge and present to the Cub and his parents with applause.

Do the Bear Badge the same way. Since there are 24 Bear achievements, you will have to find out which twelve each Bear chose. If more that one Bear is receiving the badge, use all they chose, but don't repeat any i.e.' piece of rope for knots, baseball for sports, small flag for American heritage, coins for saving and spending well, testament for religious activities, etc.

This ceremony can also be adapted for use with the Webelos Activity Pins, using the same method with the requirements.

This ceremony should be done in semi‑darkness with candles so the cauldron will not be too obviously unreal. But use enough light so that each item going in can be clearly seen. Can be done "theatrically" like a witch putting in "eye of toad, wing of bat, etc. "