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PROPS: A worktable to side of awards table. Candles and rank poster on table. Large sign "WOODY THE CARPENTER AT WORK" which can be set up to hide what is on table. Adult in work coveralls carrying tool box.

CUBMASTER: Hello, who are you?

ADULT: Hello, I'm Woody the carpenter. I have skill, but no work.

CUBMASTER: Well, let's see. I think I can use your help. Here, set up your tools on this work table.

ADULT: (sets up sign to hide what he is doing) I'm ready, what do I do first?

CUBMASTER: I need a Bobcat plaque.

ADULT (Starts to hammer, saw, etc. hands a rough cut board with Bobcat rank on it.) Will this do?

CUBMASTER: Woody, this is a fine job. That is just like a Bobcat; it has been roughly cut but there is no question that it's a board not at tree. A Bobcat has also just been cut. His skills and crafts are rough and just starting to develop. But he has just taken the first step in Cub Scouting. We can see the difference in this board and a tree.

ADULT: Will the following Cub Trade School Students and their teachers please enter the lumber yard? (read Names.)

CUBMASTER: (places board by Bobcat poster and lights candle) Parents I have the honor of giving this Rank to you so you may present it to your sons. Let's see, I guess we need a Wolf plaque next.

ADULT: (Starts to saw, hammer,sand etc. hands our a clean square cut board with Wolf rank on it). Will this do?

CUBMASTER: That certainly will do Woody. A Wolf is very much like this piece of wood. It is clean and squarecut, but still pretty basic with a long way to go.

ADULT: Will the following Apprentices and their parents please come down to the shop? (read names).

CUBMASTER: (Places board by Wolf poster and lights candle). Parents I give you the Wolf badge to present to your sons. What next( pause) I know, Woody, I need a Bear Plaque.

ADULT: (saws, hammers, etc. hands a board with routed edges with the Bear rank on it) Will this do?

CUBMASTER: Woody, you have done it again! This is just like the Bear Cub Scout, a lot of effort and accomplishment has gone into this, but, but, it's not quite completed yet. A Bear has accomplished many things on the trail of Cub Scouting, yet he is not at the end and his training is not complete.

ADULT: Will the following Cub Journeymen and their foreman join us on the job? (reads names)

CUBMASTER: (Places board by Bear Poster and lights candle) Parents please present the Bear Badge,the third rank of Cub Scouting to your sons. Woody, I know what I need now, the Webelos plaque.

ADULT: ( Saws, Hammers, drills, paints, etc. ) Hands out a finished plaque with Webelos rank on it.

CUBMASTER: Woody, you certainly have done a fine job. This plaque is just like a Webelos Scout. His skills and crafts are almost completed. His Cub Scout trail has but a few steps remaining.

ADULT: Will the following Master Craftsman Cub Scouts and their parents join us? (Read names).

CUBMASTER: (Place plaque by Webelos poster and lights candle). Parents, you have the honor of presenting the Webelos Rank to your son. Just as a skill and accomplishments were shown on these pieces of wood tonight, the skills and accomplishments were shown on these pieces of wood tonight,the skills and accomplishments of these Cub Scouts were evident as they progress along the Cub Scout trail.