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PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Den Chief, Den Leader, Bobcat candidates and parents. EQUIPMENT: Ceremonial Board consisting of arrow with three candles on a balance, Bobcat pins and advancement certificates.

CUBMASTER: Will the candidates and their parents please come forward and face the pack. (They do so.) You boys and your parents have come to be inducted into our Cub Scout family as members of Pack _____. You are ready to start your adventure along Akela's trail, together with your friends and their parents."

Here is the arrow (points to ceremonial board) that points the way along the trail. The awards you can earn along the trail are: the Wolf, the Bear, the Webelos and the Arrow of Light awards. The parts of the Cub Scout program that cannot be seen are the value of things you will learn and the good times you will have.

This is the scale of Akela. Both the parents and the Cub Scouts are important to keep the scale in balance.

(To Den Chief): (Name), will you light the candle representing the Cub Scouts. (Candle on feather)

(To Den Leader): (Name), will you light the candle for the parents. (Points to the candle on the arrow point.)

If the boy does not do his part, the scale is out of balance and the program goes downhill. (Removes candle representing boys, then replaces it.) On the other hand, if the parents part is taken away, the scale is out of balance in the other direction and the Cub Scout loses his way along Akela's trail. (Removes candle representing parents, then replaces it.)

So, you see, to keep the Cub Scout program in perfect balance, both Cub Scouts and parents must take part in the activities by coming to all meetings, following the leaders, and advancing from point to point along Akela's trail.

Now, boys, give the Cub Scout sign, and repeat the Promise with me. (They repeat Cub Scout Promise.)

And, parents, will you please repeat the following: We, as parents, will do our aid and assist our son... in his Cub Scout activities. We will encourage him with enthusiasm... criticize him with fairness... and judge him with lenience. And, realizing that the Cub Scout program... is one of equal participation for boys and parents... we will assist as we are able... in serving as leaders, advisors or workers.