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St. Peter and several angels enter, singing "Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves; we will come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves." Peter climbs up on a stool, his halo crooked, with angels standing on either side. Super Scout rushes in "Who is you?" asks Peter. "Ah is Super Scout", comes the reply. "What all did you do on earth?" Peter asks. Super Scout answers that he got his Eagle when he was only 12, that he earned all the merit badges in the book, was in the OA, held all the possible troop offices, earned many service stars, etc. "Is that all?" asks Peter. "Well, I attended three World Jamborees, etc." "You go down there!" replies Peter, pointing downward. Two angels escort Super Scout, screaming and kicking, offstage. Next, Super Scout Financier enters. Upon being asked, he answers that he has donated money to countless Scouting programs, etc. He is also sent below. Finally Tenderfoot Scout enters shyly. Peter asks his name and what he did on earth. Well, he almost made Second Class, but he got sick before the camporee. "Is that all?" asks Peter. "Well, I also went to Camp Cedars (insert your camp name here)when I was in Scouts." "Then you come up here!" Peter replies. "You've been down there long enough!"