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Simple ceremonies open and close pack meetings and mark important events or accomplishments in the lives of the boys and families. These are some typical kinds of pack ceremonies:

  • Opening ceremonies set the stage for the pack meeting and can relate to the monthly theme.
  • Flag ceremonies teach boys how to handle and display the American flag.
  • Induction ceremonies welcome new boys and their families into the pack.
  • Advancement ceremonies celebrate the completion of requirements for Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos ranks and the Arrow of Light Award.
  • Crossover, Graduation or transition ceremonies can be used when boys transition from one phase of the program to another on the Scouting trail.
  • Recognition ceremonies are used to recognize leaders, den chiefs, boys, or family members for special service, activities, or tenure.
  • Closing ceremonies bring the meeting to a close and send everyone home with inspirational ideas to remember.