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EQUIPMENT: Gift-wrapped box with badges inside.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster or other adult leader who may be dressed as Santa Claus.

(Do a gift exchange or a presentation of gifts to the Cub Scouts and their families.)


SANTA: I see we still have one package here that nobody has claimed. What could it be? (Santa unwraps package.)

Guess what? It's some badges. These aren't really gifts, though. The boys who will receive these badges have earned them, with the help of their parents.

I see we have some Wolf badges here. Will the following boys and their parents please come forward. (call all boys who are to receive the award forward.) Mr. and Mrs. _________ would you please accept this badge for your son and pin it to his uniform. He has worked very hard to earn this so will you all join me in giving these boys a big round of applause. You may continue in the same way for arrow points, Bear badges, or any Webelos awards.