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CUBMASTER: Tonight, we present the Cubbing Awards. These are for superior achievements in the Cubbing programs. Our first award this evening is for the Bobcat program shown on channel (Pack#) every (meeting time and place). The Bobcat program features young Cub Scouts learning special handshakes, mottos, salutes, and the most interesting features are the Law of the Pack and the Cub Scout Promise. The stars of this program are ( read Cub's names). Will your parents please join you and present this award to you.

CUBMASTER:Our next Cubbing Award goes to the Wolf program. This very special program features Bobcats Cub Scouts who learn about citizenship, how to tie things, and feats of fitness and skill. This program asks Bobcat to "Do His Best" to become a Wolf Cub Scout. Tonight this award goes to the stars of the wolf program (read Cub's names). Will the parents of these stars please come forward with them and present their awards?

CUBMASTER: And now our next Cubbing Award goes to the Bear program. This is an action packed show which features Wolf Cub Scouts working on achievements. Some action features of this program are sports and other physical activities. This is not just a "Macho Man" show either. The stars learn to spend money wisely, to participate in religious activities as will as learning about our American heritage and respect for the flag. Will the parents of these stars(read cubs names) please come forward with them and present their awards?

CUBMASTER: The next program honored tonight is the Webelos program. This is a most unusual show and it stars will each receive awards for special achievements. As I call your name and the award you are to receive, would you and your parents please come forward (read Cub's name and Activity Pin each receives)?

CUBMASTER: What a pleasure to be a part of this great programming for our young Cubs. Congratulations to you all on a job will done.