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PERSONNEL: Den Chief, Den Leader, Cub Scouts being recognized. EQUIPMENT: Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit, No. 1804 (one patch, one thong, appropriately colored beads for each rank: yellow for Wolf, red for Bear), for each Cub Scout advancing. PURPOSE: This simple ceremony is used to give a Cub Scout working toward his Wolf or Bear badge "instant" credit for completed achievements. After the boys have colored in their advancement charts at the beginning of the den meeting, the leader awards the Progress Toward Ranks recognition patch, thong, and beads to Cub Scouts who have completed three Wolf or Bear achievements. This simple recognition will act as a incentive to a boy to finish his current badge. A Cub Scout can accumulate four yellow beads on his Wolf thong and, as he goes on to his Bear requirements, four on his Bear thong. The patch is removed when he joins the Webelos den.

DEN LEADER (to Cub Scout): As the "Akela" in Den (No.), your Den Chief and I would like to tell you the story behind these miraculous beads.

The custom of awarding these beads started in the ancient tribe of Webelos. They were given to braves who "Did their best" to help the tribe and others.

DEN CHIEF: Many moons age, when the animal world was ruled by the wolves and bears, the braves of the Webelos tribe feared these strong beasts.

DEN LEADER: But one (or two, etc.) brave called (Cub Scout's name), still untried, decided that the best way to live without fear was to learn to understand the creatures of the forest.

DEN CHIEF: So they went, disguised as animals, to live with the wolves and bears. The animals accepted them and all their brothers and called them "Cubs," just as if the braves were their own. This was according to the Law of the Pack.

DEN LEADER: for his bravery and friendliness to the beasts, (he) was given a leather thong with colored beads on it. It signified that he knew the ways of the tribe and did his best at everything without worrying if someone else did better. This is the law which the tribe borrowed from the animals and had the "Cubs" learn. (Have den form the Living circle and repeat the Law of the Pack.)

DEN CHIEF: For doing your best and completing (number) achievements toward your (Wolf or Bear) badge, I award you, (name), this thong and this bead-may you always obey the Law of the Pack!