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EQUIPMENT: A knight's sword made of cardboard or plywood for each boy advancing in rank, with his name on it. If scarf changes are in order, roll the scarf as usual and fasten round the hilt of the sword.

A Kneeling pad made from large brown paper bags stapled with plain sides out. Appropriate decorations are made with the pack number and Cub symbols.

CUBMASTER: "As in Cub Scouting, a boy that wanted to become a knight started his training about the age of seven. He learned good manners, did errands, learned to sing and play. He also learned consideration of others and how to play fair. As he grew older, again like a Cub Scout, his duties became harder. He learned to take care of his knight's armor, horses, and weapons. Finally the young squire was tested and took his vows to become a knight. These vows included doing his duty to God, serving his King bravely, and being fair, kind and truthful."

"Tonight we have in our Pack some squires who have been tested and have taken their vows to become knights. Will the following squires come forward as their names are called and kneel."

"In the name of Akela, King of the Order of the Webelos, I present with the badge of his knighthood. Arise and return to your seat."