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Set up a table with two curtains hanging behind it to provide a center slit. Through this opening one actor will stick his face and arms. His hands will wear shoes and socks, and his arms a pair of short pants. He will wear a shirt backwards. A second actor stands behind him, puts his arms under the arms of the first and through the sleeves of the shirt. Pin the two curtains tightly behind the head of the midget. The skit can now take many forms, but one good idea is to have the little man wake up and get ready for the day by brushing his teeth, shaving himself, combing his hair, eating his breakfast, doing calisthenics, etc. He can even blow his nose, spit out a wad of gum, scratch his ear with his foot, or many other feats. Try having a moderator introduce him and interview him in front of the audience. This skit could be an excellent spoof on a member of the camp staff. Set up a front curtain to allow actors to get set up without being seen.