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Young boys and pockets I don't think they can be separated. Pockets hold the treasures of lifetimes, a yoyo, a shooter and four aggies, a few baseball cards, and a Canadian penny. When a boy walks home from school anything of interest goes in a pocket, stones, pine cones, nails, a rusty bolt. What neat stuff!

Unlike other boys pockets, the pockets of the Cub Scout's uniform can not only hold a lot of things, they are used to display a boy's accomplishments. Cub Scout achievements can be divided into four categories: God, country, family and self.

A boy can earn separate awards for all these areas:

For God, he can earn the emblem of his faith;

For country, the World Conservation Award;

For family, the Cub Scout Family Award;

For self, the camp, special events, and sports program patches.

The most important part of this colorful shirt is the rank;

Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light.

Tonight we have someone/boys who has/have earned...........

Present awards to parents to give to boys. Give boys and parents a round of applause for a job well done.

(Prepare pockets of blue paper with different emblems on them ahead of time and hold up as each is referenced in speech).