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Akela: As we all know, the land is very important to us.

This desire to cherish the land goes back long before our time, to a time when the deer, wolf, and bear ran freely through our forests.

To a time when the salmon and shad swam up our rivers to hatch their young in the clear waters.

To a time when the eagle and other creatures of the air could fly in clear blue skies.

We have been given dominion over the land by our Great Spirit. It is our responsibility to take care of what we have been given. In order to learn what we can do to preserve the land for our future generations, every Cub Scout has the opportunity to participate in completing the requirements for the World Conservation Award.

We have several Cubs here tonight who have done just that. As I call out your names, please come forward and stand with Akela and Baloo and receive your award.

(Cubs come forward and receive their award from Baloo)

There are different requirements for earning the World Conservation Award depending on your age.

Wolf Scouts must complete the achievement on "Your Living World" and two electives of "Birds", "Grow Something", or "Fishing"

Bear Scouts must complete the achievement on "Sharing your world with wildlife" and two electives of "Weather", "Nature Crafts", or "Water and soil conservation"

Webelos Scouts must earn The Forrester, Outdoorsman, and Naturalist pins.

In addition to these requirements, scouts must participate in a Den or Pack conservation project.